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Best Summer Wooden Watches: The Ultimate Collection from Ovi Watch

Wooden watches are the perfect choice for all seasons and they add value to your personality. Ovi has a wide collection of ultimate wooden watches that will suit your budget range as well as to your style sense. The best part is that these wooden watches are durable enough and their nature-friendly design can serve you for years without getting faded like other metal watches.

Ovi is serving the community for several years with some of the best collections of nature inspired timepieces. Here we have picked some of the best products from Ovi watch list; you can go through the review and choose the most suitable one for your needs.

Best summer wooden watches from Ovi:


  1. Prunus: (Eur 139.00)

This eye catching watch is designed using natural nut tree wood and it is the perfect combination of sapphire crystal glass along with Swiss made movement.

Key Features:

  • Designed with hand crafted natural nut tree.
  • The Swiss made movement with Ronda makes it perfect for your routine needs.
  • Sapphire crystal glass is another advantage.
  • The watch strap is designed with pure vegetable leather.
  • Its overall diameter of Ovi Prunus is 42 mm; it is perfect for your wrist.


Here is another budget friendly option from handmade watch collection of Ovi that suits to your professional style. You can prefer to wear this watch to your routine office days as well as executive meetings to reflect your ultimate fashion sense.

Key Features:

  • Elegant light brown color.
  • Roman numeral with crystal clear Sapphire glass arrangement.
  • Well waxed, dyed and burnished strap.
  • Overall weight 22 grams only.


This attractive watch is designed with cherry wood material that makes a remarkable appearance on your wrist. Most of the business owners love to buy this watch as it meets their style needs perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted design with the cherry wood material.
  • 42mm diameter and 22-gram overall weight.
  • Free shipping throughout the world.
  • The strap of this wood watch is designed wit the pure vegetable leather material.


Here is something for your casual and party special needs. Almon is designed with natural padouk wood that makes a perfect pairing with your stylish wear. Girls love to purchase this watch as its dial looks perfect on their wrist.

Key Features:

  • Finished with Japanese made movement- Miyota.
  • You will definitely love its Mineral glass arrangement.
  • Overall weight is 22 grams and diameter goes up to 42 mm.
  • Low-cost solution for your routine needs.

Other than this, Ovi collection includes Ovily, Tectona, Natura, Lucus, Herus and many more. With this wide range of wooden watch designs, you can easily find something that suits your budget and needs. It is right time to visit https://oviwatch.com/ and find the most suitable wooden watches for you. Indeed, it is time to impress the people around you.



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