Ovi Wooden Watches

OVi watches are made from three different sorts of wood: Cherry, Nut Tree and Teak, that vary in tone and density. All timepieces feature authentic calf leather straps, natural hardwood cases, Swiss made movement and scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass. To surprise someone special, OVI Watch offers hand made carvings with an individual message.

Ovi Wooden Watches


Founders of OVI Watch have succeeded in combining design and quality with comfort and functionality.

The timepieces are tasteful, durable, and they weigh only 20 grams, which make them the perfect accessories for everyday use.

Ivo Asns Young watchmaker and founder of Ovi Watch

Deforestation is an urgent environmental issue, which requires attention and action. Therefore, part of the proceeds from every OVI Watch sold will go towards planting a new tree to fight deforestation in World.

For every watch we plant tree


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