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7 Best Wooden Watch Designs Made By Ovi Watch

Why Ovi? Because founder of Ovi Watch name is Ivo and when you read Ivo from another side it means Ovi. It all started with designs which we designed from scratch using modern tools. Our 3D models later became technical drawings which then were produced in Liepāja Design and Art College. We are not using any manufacturers to produce Ovi watches and to keep high quality we are producing all of the OVi Watch Collection in our hometown Liepāja. For those who are interested in Ovi Wooden Watches, we made a list of our top crafted and designed watches. 1: Wooden Watch Prunus Prunus is made of natural nut tree wood, the dial is designed and inspired by Church of Saint Anne in Liepāja dial.  2. Ovi Watch with Mandala King It all...

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Wooden Watches add a dash of smartness to a dull evening dress

We are a part of the 21st century: a century that breathes in fashion. Everywhere we go, we find people eager to stay up to date with the latest trends in design and patterns. Coco Chanel, one of the greatest designers in the world personally feels that fashion is not something that is limited only to the shimmering dresses that we wear. Fashion exists everywhere. It is seen in the streets, in the skies, in the clothes we wear, in the way we think, and in the way we choose to approach ideas. Even if you are looking for a gift, to give to someone close, fashion is a perfect choice. It could include anything: shoes, bags, clothes, or even...

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Best Wooden Wrist Watches: The Ultimate Collection

Wooden watches are the perfect choice for all seasons and they add value to your personality. Ovi Watch has a wide collection of ultimate wooden watches that will suit your budget range as well as to your style sense for summer season. The best part is that these wooden watches are durable enough and their nature-friendly design can serve you for years without getting faded like other metal watches. Ovi Watch is serving the community for several years with some of the best collections of nature-inspired timepieces. Here we have picked some of the best products from Ovi Watch list; you can go through the review and choose the most suitable one for your needs. Best summer wooden watches from...

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