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Why designer watches are better than mainstream watch brands

Quality is definitely more important than quantity and watches made by independent designers are a true representation of this statement. In this blog post we have pointed out several factors that can give you some insight, why designer watches are better than watches made by mainstream brands. This will come in handy when you consider purchasing a new wrist watch. Unique watch designs First of all, independent watchmakers are often born out of the desire to create something they are passionate about, and it’s this passion that defines their brand. The story behind the creation of these brands are authentic and inspirational, and nothing to do with a quick money grab. They are artists that have found a way to...

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8 Types of Wood We Use to Make Sustainable Ovi Watches

A hand-crafters dream is to use the best quality raw materials that are durable, flexible and just beautiful to work with. The hardwoods we use in the making of our wooden watches are specifically selected to create a product that will comfortably lay on its wearers wrist and last a long time. A wooden watch is a perfect combination of honouring the beauty of nature and giving a practical use to keep up with your busy schedule. It is not just a watch that looks good and shows you the time, it’s an eco-friendly fashion statement. Wооd comes іn vаriety of ѕhаdеѕ and different tуреѕ, which аrе unіquе іn giving anyone endless options for exploring their fashion sense. Wіth еасh...

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The Finest Swiss Handmade Wooden Watches

            Wooden watches are an accessory that never go out of style. Wood has been a very important building material that has been used by men for as long as we can remember. It is used all around the world. The best thing about wood is that it is durable and long-lasting. Wood is used in almost all of the major industries such as farming and construction because of its unique nature and value.             As in today’s time, everyone loves being in touch with nature or all that is natural. So it is no surprise that wooden wrist watches have made waves. From the best quality wood, Ovi Watch brings you handmade wristwatches that are extremely elegant to look at. One...

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Custom Made Wooden Watch Perfect Gift for Business Partner and Family

Who never wears a watch? Watches are the kind of accessories that accompany us through our daily life. Whether we are at work, hiking in the middle of the forest, on vacation, playing with our family, they are always with us. Custom made wooden watch is a unique watch that you can give to your friend or any member of your family. Generally, it comes with a matching wooden box for storage. Your family or business partner will always remember the unique look of the wood watch. Unlike normal watches, wooden watches form a perfect balance between unique and classic, with a natural touch of wood and timeless design. Reason You’re Making the Right Choice with Wooden Watch All Wood...

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