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Meet Our New Product - Wooden Bow Ties

Some accessories speak louder than others. The wooden bow tie- an accessory that will immediately highlight your outlook making it fancy and stylish. We’re excited to show you our new product- wooden bow ties! Walnut and maple wood bow tie Caryon It’s not surprising that wooden accessories have taken place all over the world. Wooden bow ties not only look awesome but also feel like that. It’s safe to the skin and the wood material having an adjustable band also makes the wooden tie comfortable to wear. Reflecting confidence and class, wooden bow tie adds a sense of fashion and nature to the whole aspect making it even more unique. You can see it just by looking at them. With a wooden bow, you can have...

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8 Types of Wood We Use to Make Sustainable Ovi Watches

A hand-crafters dream is to use the best quality raw materials that are durable, flexible and just beautiful to work with. The hardwoods we use in the making of our wooden watches are specifically selected to create a product that will comfortably lay on its wearers wrist and last a long time. A wooden watch is a perfect combination of honouring the beauty of nature and giving a practical use to keep up with your busy schedule. It is not just a watch that looks good and shows you the time, it’s an eco-friendly fashion statement. Wооd comes іn vаriety of ѕhаdеѕ and different tуреѕ, which аrе unіquе іn giving anyone endless options for exploring their fashion sense. Wіth еасh...

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