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Minimalist Wooden Watches Made by Ovi Watch

Minimalist watches are one of the best-selling accessories to any outfit. Nowadays, they are used less to tell time but more to add charm to your style and image. There is a great variety of minimalist watches in the market, coming in versatile styles and looks, bearing different features and yet they are classy accessories that add a unique touch to your image. The minimalist watches are designed for casual everyday wear or to be a nice addition to your formal look complimenting your appearance. The minimalist watches can be a great present for any occasion. They are an appropriate gift to your friend or a person you hardly know, also they are quite suitable as a present to a...

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The Finest Swiss Handmade Wooden Watches

            Wooden watches are an accessory that never go out of style. Wood has been a very important building material that has been used by men for as long as we can remember. It is used all around the world. The best thing about wood is that it is durable and long-lasting. Wood is used in almost all of the major industries such as farming and construction because of its unique nature and value.             As in today’s time, everyone loves being in touch with nature or all that is natural. So it is no surprise that wooden wrist watches have made waves. From the best quality wood, Ovi Watch brings you handmade wristwatches that are extremely elegant to look at. One...

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Custom Made Wooden Watch Perfect Gift for Business Partner and Family

Who never wears a watch? Watches are the kind of accessories that accompany us through our daily life. Whether we are at work, hiking in the middle of the forest, on vacation, playing with our family, they are always with us. Custom made wooden watch is a unique watch that you can give to your friend or any member of your family. Generally, it comes with a matching wooden box for storage. Your family or business partner will always remember the unique look of the wood watch. Unlike normal watches, wooden watches form a perfect balance between unique and classic, with a natural touch of wood and timeless design. Reason You’re Making the Right Choice with Wooden Watch All Wood...

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14 Amazing Designs by Young & Independent Watchmaker Ivo Asns

Ovi Watch has been in the business of crafting beautiful wooden watches for about two years now and has no intent to slow down its pace anytime soon. Here are 14 amazing watch designs crafted over the years by Ivo Asns.

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6 Reasons to fall in Love with Ovi Wooden Watches

Whether you’re shopping for your very first watch or adding to an existing collection, you’re likely facing the same challenge… you want premium features, attention-grabbing design, and superb quality. Here are six reasons guys like you are loving Ovi Wooden Watches. 1. The Ovi Story  We’ve been on an epic ride since we started up our watchmaking operation. The idea for a wooden watch came from our inventor/designer Ivo Asns (24), who was working on his thesis at the time. He decided to do his thesis about the wooden watch, because, as he says, “I like to work with wood and wear watches.” Since neither Ivo nor his business partner, Davis Paipa (28), had watchmaking experience, it was a huge challenge for...

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