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Purpleheart - Ovi Watch
Purpleheart - Ovi Watch
Purpleheart - Ovi Watch
Purpleheart - Ovi Watch


€139.00 EUR

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Purpleheart is a wooden watch handmade of all-natural amaranth wood, offering a very aesthetic look on the go. Its main highlights include sapphire crystal glass and Swiss made movement. Everything is perfectly designed and installed to deliver optimum accuracy and convenience.

Its lightweight, unique style gives you an extraordinary vibe and a refreshing look. The sapphire crystal glass construction looks pretty awesome with its pure vegetable-tanned leather strap, which is processed by hand to make it look even more natural.


  • Its unique style sapphire crystal glass construction makes it stand apart from the crowd
  • Handcrafted from 100% pure amaranth wood to offer a natural look
  • It features a genuine, vegetable tanned leather strap, which is dyed, waxed and burnished by hand
  • It’s comprised of Swiss made movement that gives it a refreshing look
  • Diameter; 42mm, Weight: 22g